EUREKA! Canada Joins Europe's Largest R&D Network

bridges vol. 34, July 2012 / Feature Articles

By Hélène Létourneau

EUREKAOn June 22, 2012, Canada became an associate member of EUREKA, the largest R&D network in Europe, effectively widening the door for Canadian access to an international network of market-driven R&D. This has permitted EUREKA's member countries to take advantage of Canada's strong innovation system. Global collaboration has become a competitive necessity and Canada's associate membership in the network will enable companies from both sides of the Atlantic to access expertise, technology, and markets, encouraging greater productivity and competitiveness.


EUREKA has operated successfully since 1985, supporting market-oriented R&D and innovation projects in all technology sectors. Initially a European intergovernmental network, EUREKA has expanded beyond Europe and Israel to include two associate members: South Korea and now Canada. The EUREKA network includes over 40 economies, including Austria, and brings together governments, industry, research institutes, universities, and other innovation-focused organizations through the development and commercialization of technology.

To date, EUREKA has resulted in:

  • 4,000 projects
  • €10 billion in public funding
  • €19 billion in private investment
  • €93 billion of additional economic activity
  • 378,000 jobs created or safeguarded.

eurostars Businesses and other participants in a EUREKA project decide how a project comes together and evolves, leading to a fast and flexible approach to reaching markets before the competition. EUREKA projects fall into one of three categories – Individual, Cluster, or Eurostars. Projects may be any size and are flexible, needing only a minimum of two independent partners – one of which must come from a full-member country.

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