Letter from the Editor

bridges vol. 34, July 2012 / Letter from the Editor

Dear Reader,

Summer is in full swing and we hope you are enjoying your well-deserved vacation. We've put together a bridges issue that will hopefully provide you with an interesting read while sitting at the beach or, if you are a more active type, with podcast episodes to listen to while on a bike, a hike, or wherever your explorations lead you.

One highlight of the 2012 summer is certainly the Olympic Summer Games, which will begin in a little more than a week in London. If you think the Olympics and science have very little in common, think again! Roger A. Pielke, Jr., in his column "Science, Sex and the Olympics," once more shows us that informed, science-based decision making affects our lives in many ways – even in regard to sporting competitions.

In response to Roger's column "The Great American Manufacturing Battle," in the recent spring issue of bridges, our Innovation Matters columnist Steve Ezell wrote an excellent piece on "Joining the Great American Manufacturing Battle" for this issue of bridges, offering a different perspective and policy recommendations regarding the US manufacturing sector.

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