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bridges vol. 33, April 2012 / Selected Readings

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Job Creation and Competitiveness



Cover: The Global Innovation Policy Index The Global Innovation Policy Index

Information Technology & Innovation Foundation and Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, 2012


From the Executive Summary: This report provides a structured assessment of policies informing the innovation capacity of 55 countries. Moreover, it highlights the most effective policies countries are using to build their innovation capacity, and describes how countries can learn from one another in deploying the best policies. The 55 countries analyzed in this report include all members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), all European Union (EU) member states, and 19 of the 21 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) member economies, as well as the large developing nations of Argentina, Brazil, India, and South Africa.

Cover: Connect Innovation Institute ReportNetwork Failures and Innovation in the New Old Economy

Josh Whitford

Connect Innovation Institute, 2012


From the Abstract: Industrial policy has long been justified only in cases of market failure even as the activities targeted by industrial policy aim primarily to foment innovation, and are thus increasingly governed by decentralized production networks rather than markets or hierarchies. This is a problem. In such industry, network failures are often a more pressing problem. And while there are efforts in the interstices of the decentralized American polity to engage in the sorts of brokerage that best mitigate network failures, many opportunities have been missed due to the pressure to focus on market failures instead. Contra claims that traditional industries cannot be a source of job growth, properly coordinated state action to mitigate network failures can stimulate new innovation and growth among small and mid-sized producers of intermediate goods.

Cover: Enough is Enough: Confronting Chinese Innovation MercantilismEnough is Enough: Confronting Chinese Innovation Mercantilism

Robert D. Atkinson

Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, 2012


From ITIF Multimedia: America's trade relationship with China has entered into a perilous stage in the last five years. With China's shift to an "indigenous innovation" strategy based on forced IP transfer, standards manipulation, discriminatory regulatory and tax policies, and favoritism towards state-owned enterprises, China is unabashedly seeking to favor Chinese-owned firms in order to dominate practically all sectors, especially the higher value-added, innovation-based sectors. Yet, the Washington consensus response can be summed up in one word: patience. In Enough is Enough: Confronting Chinese Innovation Mercantilism, Rob Atkinson documents this phenomenon and warns of the dangers facing the United States and the global economic system if China continues down this path.

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