Scientizing Politics - A Review of Chris Mooney's Book

bridges vol. 9, April 2006 / Book & Film Reviews
by Dan Sarewitz

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The Republican War on Science
by Chris Mooney. New York:
Basic Books, 2005, 351 pp.

Sarewitz_Daniel_captionSarewitz_Daniel_captionThe Republican War on Science offers a catalog of Republican-led confrontations with mainstream science, ranging from attacks on evolution and denial of climate change to the stacking of government advisory committees with industry scientists and the blocking of federal funds for stem cell research. As an unapologetic critic of the Bush administration, I was eager to read a penetrating political analysis of how the current regime has sought to wring partisan advantage from the complex and difficult relationship between politics and science. Alas, what I found was a tiresome polemic masquerading as a defense of scientific purity.

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