Science That Serves Society: The Cooperation Center for Disaster Mitigation and Security in Building

bridges vol. 9, April 2006 / Feature Article
by Irene Eckart

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Universities are not necessarily the first place people turn to when facing emergency situations in the "real world." But when listening to Emmerich Simoncsics, Coordinator of the Cooperation Center for Disaster Mitigation and Security in Buildings at the Vienna University of Technology (VUT), this is a preconception one might want to reconsider. "Although our university is working in a context of "academic education" and "knowledge production," he explains when asked for the raison d'être of the Cooperation Center, "our special goal is, by means of the creativity of our students and the profound knowledge of experienced researchers, to help to solve the acute problems of our society, not only in Austria but also in other parts of the globe."

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