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Breakthrough in Breast Cancer Research by the Team of Austrian Scientist Josef Penninger

bridges vol. 27, October 2010 / Noteworthy Information

breast_cancer_penninger_small.jpgAustrian scientists have discovered how hormone replacement therapy can increase the risk of breast cancer.

Just in time for the beginning of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month - the annual international health campaign to increase awareness of breast cancer and to raise funds for research on its causes - medical scientists at the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (IMBA) have had a major breakthrough in the field of breast cancer research.

The team of Austrian scientist Josef Penninger has discovered how hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and contraceptive pills can lead to breast cancer, according to research published online by Nature on Wednesday, September 29, 2010. Their findings raise the hope that hormone-induced breast cancer may be prevented in the future using a new treatment originally developed for the bone-loss disease, osteoporosis.

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