Going beyond 2020 - 100 Percent Renewable Energy for the European Union by 2050

bridges vol. 27, October 2010 / Feature Articles

By Christine Lins

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re_-_think_2050.jpg© EREC Since the European Union successfully adopted its climate and energy package, which includes binding targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and for increasing the share of renewable energy by 2020, policy makers, NGOs, scientists, and industry are looking further into the future. Even though 2050 is four decades ahead, it is already on the European Union´s (EU) policy agenda. Meanwhile, the European Renewable Energy Council (EREC), with the aim of getting Europe onto a sustainable energy track, has recently launched its new major study RE-thinking 2050, outlining a pathway for the EU to switch to a 100 percent renewable energy supply for electricity, heating, and cooling, as well as for transport. RE-thinking 2050 presents a 100 percent renewable energy system for the EU, examining the effects on Europe's energy supply system and on CO2 emissions, while at the same time portraying the economic, environmental, and social benefits of such a system. Moreover, the report provides policy recommendations for what is needed to fully exploit the EU´s vast renewable energy potential.  

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