Volume 35 - October 11, 2012 - Innovation Matters

Collaboration between Academia and Industry in the US and in Austria -

How TIP, STTR, and COMET Help to Bring Ideas to Market

bridges vol. 26, July 2010 / Feature Articles

By Klaus Puchbauer-Schnabel

In a globalized world, research, development and technological innovation have become key factors in the long-term competitiveness of any country. Their direct and indirect effects on economic growth, employment and, ultimately, the prosperity of a country and its citizens are essential for increasingly knowledge-based societies. Universities play a key in the field of technological progress and knowledge creation. However, it is important that the knowledge produced in academia doesn't sit on the shelf but is used and transformed into products and applications that will enter the marketplace.

The political agendas in the US and Europe seek to stimulate collaboration between universities and industry to foster technology transfer. The results of collaborations between private industry and academia include obtaining R&D expertise, accelerating entry into the marketplace, stimulating creative thinking, and encouraging future collaborations.
Two major public R&D funding programs in the US for public-private partnerships (PPP) are the Technology Innovation Program (TIP) and the Small Business Technology Transfer Program (STTR). In Austria, COMET , a program for technology transfer and cooperative research between industry and academia, plays a similarly important role. This article compares the different programs and their approaches to technology transfer

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