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The National Science Board's Policy Recommendations to the Science & Engineering Indicators 2010

bridges vol. 25, April 2010 / Feature Articles

By Philipp Marxgut

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As it does every other year, in January the National Science Board (NSB) published its nineteenth in a series of biennial science indicators reports: "Science and Engineering Indicators 2010 ." This publication is widely regarded as an authoritative source of "analyses of key aspects of the scope, quality, and vitality of the Nation's science and engineering enterprise in the context of global science and technology," as NSB Chairman Steven C. Beering put it in his memorandum to the President and Congress of the United States.  

The bottom line of the 2010 report is that the US still remains the world leader in R&D, but its dominance has eroded in recent years, mainly because of the rapidly growing R&D capacities of the Asia-8 economies (China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand). The US accounted for about one-third ($369 billion) of the $1.1 trillion worldwide R&D total in 2007, followed by the Asia-8 ($338 billion), and the EU-27 ($263 billion).


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