Arthur Carty: Science Advisor to the Canadian Prime Minister

bridges vol. 2, July 2004 / People in the Spotlight
by Philipp Steger

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Carty_Arthur_captionCarty_Arthur_caption"The appointment of Arthur Carty, head of the National Research Council, as national science advisor to the Prime Minister is a good step. Dr. Carty could be influential in shaping and advancing a national science agenda," wrote Preston Manning. And that is quite a compliment, coming from one of Canada's most outspoken former opposition critics for Science & Technology. Manning's sentiment is not an exception: Arthur Carty, the former head of the National Research Council, is widely regarded as an excellent choice for the newly created position.

Meeting Arthur Carty in his new office a few weeks after he had officially started his new job on April 1, 2004, we could tell that Dr. Carty must have had a lot of other, more pressing things to do than receiving an Austrian delegation. Still, Arthur Carty, a soft-spoken and unpretentious man in his early sixties, was a gracious host, patiently answering many questions and thoughtfully sharing some of his insights on Canada's Science & Technology Policy.


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