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Letter from the Editor

bridges vol. 24, December 2009 / Letter from the Editor

By Caroline Adenberger

Dear Reader,

A few more days to go and this decade, the 2000s, will come to an end. After a full decade of discussion, no agreement has been reached on how to refer to the first decade of the 21st Century – suggestions range from the nougthies and the aughts to the You Decade or the iDecade.  Personally, not believing in nomen est omen anyway, I think it is much more exciting to look at all that has actually happened in this decade than to engage in the quest of finding the proper name for it.

And a lot has happened:

In the life sciences, the international scientific research project The Human Genome Project gained worldwide acclamation in 2000 by cracking the code of life for the first time in human history.

Emerging technologies, particularly in the ICT area, have drastically changed the world we live in. Today broadband Internet usage provides the majority of people in industrialized countries with whatever information or service they are looking for, within the blink of an eye. To google has even become an official verb that, since 2006, can be found in the Oxford English Dictionary or Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary. The hype around Facebook and Twitter, or the widespread use of VoIP communication like Skype or JAJAH no longer require detailed explanations; by now, they have become part of our daily life. In the introduction of Markus Wagner , an Austrian serial entrepreneur turned business angel, we look more closely at the business side and the lucrative opportunities that ICT offers innovative entrepreneurs.

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