Volume 24 - December 21, 2009 - Feature Articles

Understanding the Copenhagen Climate Deal: The Fix is In

bridges vol. 23, October 2009 / Pielke's Perspective

By Roger Pielke, Jr.

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pielke_r_new_small.jpgRoger A. Pielke, Jr.For those reading the tea leaves to understand the actions of various countries preparing for the international climate negotiations later this year in Copenhagen, the broad outlines of the ultimate deal are starting to come into view.  The picture being revealed is not a pretty one for anyone actually interested in reducing future emissions to very low levels.

To understand the international climate debate, it is necessary to understand the underlying dynamics that shape the behavior of governments around the world.  It is crucial to understand that many elected officials and governments now in power achieved their position, at least in part, through very ambitious promises to take aggressive action to reduce future emissions of carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels.


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