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Where can I find information on grants and scholarships offered in Canada?

I want to patent my innovation in Canada. What steps are necessary?

Where can I find information on grants and scholarships offered in Canada?
A main source to find funding opportunities for Austrians looking to go to Canada is Grants, the database for Austrian scholarships and research grants. This database allows searches based on countries of interest, as well as based on different fields of interest. For information on scholarships, the Canadian Education Centre Network provides the "Canadian Scholarship Information for International Students" section. The department of the Council of Ministers of Education administers a list of various scholarships and bursaries at its Web site. Information on student loans is provided at the Web site of the department of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. There are several scholarships that are granted only to non-Canadians. A list of awards available to foreign students for study or research in Canada is provided by the Government of Canada.

I want to patent my innovation in Canada. What steps are necessary?
The department of Western Economic Diversification Canada offers a brief description of how to obtain a patent in Canada and the US in the section "Services " on its Web site. In addition to the short outline, links to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office and the Canadian Patents Database provide more detailed information on those topics.

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