Interview with Christoph Badelt on the Impact of the University Reform in Austria

Clear Science, Uncertain Future?

by Matthew William Lensch

E.O. Wilson, the renowned Harvard entomologist and Pulitzer Prize-winning author, noted the following in his book Consilience: "For a relatively brief interval ... researchers are intoxicated with a mix of the newly discovered and the imaginable unknown. For the first time, the really important questions are asked in a form that can be answered ..." Wilson was, in general, describing a period of scientific renaissance. There have been many scattered throughout human history, often catalyzed by a mere handful of amazing, sometimes obscure, observations. The description of general relativity (see link #1) and the demonstration of DNA as the genetic material (see link #2) are but two examples of single research publications, focal points of science, that opened the door for a deluge of subsequent inquiry.


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