Leading Competence Units - A Node of the Austrian Economy

The Anonymous Source - an Endangered Species?

by Philipp Steger

bridges' is a publication that takes a broad view of S&T Policy as the sum of a wide array of phenomena, from legislative measures and judicial decisions, to causes embraced by grassroots movements and any occurrence or trend that impacts a country's national innovation system, to the way a society goes about educating its youth. S&T Policy is thus not viewed as the exclusive domain of policymakers or scientists, but as a policy field and part of societal reality that is continuously shaped by different players, many of whom wouldn't even claim to be influencing S&T policy. But were they to wonder whether their actions have repercussions on the national innovation system- - i.e. a country's capability for continued and sustained innovation, which is vital for long-term economic growth - they would realize the extent to which their actions are indeed influential.

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