Whozat? A New Approach to People Internet Searches

An interview with co-founder Alex Baecker
bridges vol. 17, April 2008 / News from the Network

by Christoph Derndorfer


Recent reports indicate that up to 30 percent of Internet searches on popular search engines such as Google or Yahoo! are people related. Users want to reconnect with old friends and classmates or find out more about a potential date or babysitter, while companies are interested in any information to be found about job applicants. People are increasingly using social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, and Xing to stay connected to their family, friends, and colleagues. Micropublishing using blogs and sharing photos or videos on platforms such as Flickr, Pbase, Revver, and YouTube is also becoming more popular – and not only among young people. Altogether, these trends lead to more available information about people than ever before. However it isn’t always easy to find relevant materials. Some results may be outdated, others might be useless. When searching for people with relatively common names it can be close to impossible to find the specific person you’re looking for. Therefore there is a need for specialized search engines that address this specific scenario.


Ph.D. Alex BaeckerAlex Baecker

bridges spoke with Alex Baecker, the founder and CEO of abInventio, which defines itself as “the invention factory.” Along with other products, abInventio has recently released Whozat? a new contender in the people search engine market.


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