The Institute of Science and Technology Austria: an Interview with Scientific Director Olaf Kübler

bridges vol. 14, July 2007 / Feature Article

centralbuilding_2_small_js_071107.jpgThe I.S.T Austria Campus

I.S.T. Austria, the acronym for the Institute of Science and Technology Austria, has been launched in Klosterneuburg, which is located on the northwest boundary of Vienna. It is the brainchild of Prof. Anton Zeilinger, the Austrian physicist who received worldwide attention for first achieving quantum teleportation. Prof. Zeilinger first mentioned the idea of establishing a new, outstanding Institute of Basic Research at the 2002 Technology Forum in Alpbach, Austria.

Four years later, in May 2006, the I.S.T. Austria was finally established by an Austrian federal law that defined it as a fully independent institution, governed only by its own Board of Trustees. For the next 10 years, the Austrian Federal Government has committed to €195 million in funding, as well as matching any funds acquired by I.S.T. Austria from secondary sources (limited, however, to a total of €95 million over the 10 years).

In addition to this financial support from the Austrian Federal Government, the Bundesland (equivalent to a US state) of Lower Austria, where I.S.T. Austria is located, agreed to invest €80 million in infrastructure and buildings, and to support facility management with €3 million per year.

bridges spoke with Prof. Olaf Kübler, the chairman of the Scientific Board of I.S.T. Austria.

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