The First Six Months of FP7 and an Outlook on the Portuguese EU Presidency

bridges vol. 14, July 2007 / Letter from Brussels

by Martin Schmid & Sabine Neyer


martin_schmid_small.jpgMartin Schmid

In December 2006 the 7th Framework Program of the EC and EURATOM for Research, technological development and demonstration 2007-2013 has been launched. Today, in almost all areas, first calls are either open or already closed, and evaluation is ongoing. It seems that the framework program is more popular than ever - the Commission reports that it has received more than 19,000 proposals to date. This is more than what was received during an average full year of FP6. However, I want to put the spotlight on the new tools that are about to be developed or are already in place in FP7. Regular readers of this column are, of course, familiar with these new instruments, but I'd like to briefly summarize what has happened so far and what is coming in the near future.


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