Innovation and Tradition: Freisinger Windows from the Tyrol to the World

bridges vol. 11, September 2006 / Green Buildings Focus
by Paulus Freisinger

Clever window developments, valuable patents and diverse innovation, and promotional prizes for unusual window developments - these are the hallmarks of traditional Tyrolean window manufacturer, Freisinger, which recently celebrated its 75th anniversary. Marked by a love of wood as a material, and by a sense of ecological responsibility, this traditional Tyrolean company is known internationally as the pioneer of energy-saving wooden windows, particularly for passive house construction. Passive houses manage without common energy sources and are currently the ne plus ultra in low energy construction - not least because increasing oil prices have raised consumers' awareness of energy-saving solutions and support the passive housing trend. Freisinger windows are used not only in Austria and Europe, but throughout the world, for example in Japan, the US, and Israel. To move innovative developments onto the market more quickly, Freisinger has founded OPTIWIN , an international business group now comprising 14 European companies, producing Freisinger windows under license. In September 2006, Freisinger toured Canada with Austrian passive house element manufacturers and architects to publicize the advantages of passive house technology and win new licensees for Freisinger Energy Save Windows. If it were Freisinger's decision, the Austria House at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, Canada, would be built as a passive house.

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