Undergraduate Research Collaboratives: Turning Undergraduates into Investigators

bridges vol. 10, June 2006 / Feature Articles

by Robert L. Kuczkowski , Richard D. Foust , Carol A. Bessel , Ronald L. Christensen , Kari McCarron , and Arthur B. Ellis


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The National Science Foundation's Division of Chemistry, with the help of the chemical sciences community, has introduced a program called Undergraduate Research Collaboratives (URC) to integrate early research experiences into an undergraduate's career and attract students currently underrepresented in sciences. The URC program seeks new models and partnerships with the potential 1) to expand the reach of undergraduate research to include first- and second-year college students; 2) to broaden participation and increase diversity in the student talent pool from which the nation's future technical workforce will be drawn; and 3) to enhance the research capacity, infrastructure, and culture of participating institutions. To date, three research collaborations have been fully funded and numerous planning grants for collaborations have been awarded.

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